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Arsenal of Hindsight: J.D. Tierney, Southpaw Laser Concepts

Listen to how J.D. used his Arsenal of Hindsight mixed with healthy life choices and the right people to turn a happy accident into a business that is successful and thriving,

The First Solo

This is the first solo episode with just little ol' me. I'm just scratching the surface and easing y'all in to my backstory. This week is about what was behind the vision of The ANBRWY Podcast and transitioning into adulthood.

GRUNTo Corps: A Live Streaming Gaming Interview

We are doing a unique, gaming livestream interview with Tony Mancini, President and CEO of GRUNTo Corps, a 501(c)3 Empowering veterans through entrepreneurial means in the gaming and technology related industries. So if you like gaming, helping others, and America- come join us tonight on at 7pm PST on the Facebook ANBRWY page @ thinknewnow.

Mike Murray Re-Release

Mike Murray, the first interview..recorded with a phone and not great equipment. The audio leaves a lot to be desired, but the content is top notch. This interview is the foundation and is what became to define The ANBRWY Podcast. Mike served in the United States Marine Corp, a Vietnam Vet, successful professional, Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient and has truly aligned who he is and what he does.

Living our Truth with Annette Whittenberger

Army Veteran, Maj Annette Whittenberger was recently interviewed in Military Families talking about her blog and coaching practice, A Wild Ride Called Life and how she helps other veterans who are living with PTSD, depression, and anxiety. This conversation I have been looking forward to since I first met Annette.

Talking with Richard Kaufman, The Comeback Coach

Legacy's are built on purpose born out of obstacles and hardships. The Comeback Coach, Richard Kaufman takes us through his story.

From Anger to Acceptance with Daniel Curry

Daniel went from Army to prison to college graduate to homeless. He got into construction and found his way back into computers working in Silicon Valley making a quarter of million dollars. Then he lost it all again. He's 'rebooted' his life 4 times and he now can say he is a success.

Stepping Into Purpose with Kurt Ballash, Ballash Woodworks

Are you living your purpose? Does your work inspire and give you fuel? Kurt Ballash, Ballash Woodworks is helping you step into purpose.

Talking with Tam Laingen

This week we are talking with Tam Laingen. Tam is a realtor, an investor, and mentors entrepreneurs in their businesses. Imagine- Stepping into your purpose and living life you've designed, and all the time helping others live their dreams. Tam is doing this right now!!

Talking with Joe Adkins

Mr. Joe Adkins fell in love with country music about 7 years ago. The stories told by cowboys and outlaws over a slide guitar, surrounded by friends dancing and playing, quickly became the pastime of choice. Throwing on a pair of boots, with tickets in hand to a concert, Joe would set up a tailgate experience that would turn into an epic preparty to any event.

Talking with Dr. Robert Garcia Part 2: Business

Part 2- 'Business' Robert shares business advice usually reserved to only those enrolled in his Tactical CEQ Course or working 1:1 via consulting.

Talking Life with Dr. Rob Garcia

ANBRWY is bringing you a two-part series with Robert Garcia, known to many as Dr. Rob Garcia the Warrior Strategist. Expert Strategist, 8 Time Author, and Speed Learning Authority. Part 1- 'Life' Robert shares with us how he grew up around addiction, dysfunction, & with a learning disability. He proves you define your own path.

Talking with Patrick Burt

Today we are Talking with Patrick Burt, Marketing Strategist with Connected Funnels. We talk with him about how he started in sales, how he's built up multiple businesses through his expertise, and building his own brand.

Talking with Brandon Williams

Catch the Talking with Brandon Williams episode.... Brandon Williams is Owner/CEO of DreamLab Industries, LLC. We talk to him about going from teenage rebel, to US Navy, to working with NASA. This is not a talk you want to miss!!

Talking with CL Brembry

This week we are Talking with CL Brembry: Born and raised in Dallas, Charles Leon Brembry II always had a gift for public speaking and helping others. He served in the US Air Force, after retiring he has now designed his life where he takes upwards of 15 vacations a year. Listen to find out how he does it!!

Talking with Jared Ledbetter

Join us as we talk live with Jared Ledbetter, USMC Veteran and Founder/CEO of Carbon Digital. Carbon Digital specializes in graphic design, web design and development. They also offer services in marketing and advertising. Listen to Jared's story on creating a business and how he helps other businesses grow.

Talking with Brandyn Cox

This week we are talking with Brandyn Cox, Owner/Enrolled Agent of BMC Accounting, LLC. Join us as we talk through his journey of serving in the US Army as an MP to student and VA Housekeeper to building his own business where he is defining his success, designing future, and creating a legacy.

Talking with John English

John English is an award-winning author, executive coach and successful entrepreneur. He is the Creator of the Instant Mindfulness MethodTM and Ancient Wisdom for Modern Business. John speaks and trains on the topics of leadership and employee development with a focus on personal transformation and development of emotional intelligence. His Soft Skills Mastery Process was created from the ancient wisdom of the Toltec teachings (Think Don Miguel Ruiz and the book The Four Agreements.) He guides his private clients and groups into fulfilling their greatest potential and becoming true "Business Warriors.” Men and Women who lead with Heart!

Unstuck Episode 2 Communication and Perception

This Episode of Unstuck is about communication and perception of reality. 

Unstuck with Jaclyn and Brian

Brian Demo and I had so much fun "Talking Live...." and the feedback we received from you guys really left us no other choice but to expand the ANBRWY podcast offering. Every week Brian and I will be bringing you a comedic spin on living your best life...even when it's at it's worst. Go check out his page Our_Never_Ending_Summers on Facebook and follow the Demo Family Adventures. Never miss our episodes by following Anbrwy on Facebook and the podcast stream.

Season 1: Episode 8 Talking with Brian Demo

USMC Veteran, 5 Combat Tours, Medically Retired. Join us as we talk to Brian about retiring out of the military, leaving a sales job, selling everything to trade it in for an RV and the open road. He and his family are living the dream and have designed their ultimate life! Check out & follow Brian, Jennifer, and Abby:https://www.facebook.com/ourneverendingsummers/

Season 1: Episode 7 Talking with Dan Dvorak

Today we are Talking with Dan Dvorak USMC Veteran, Industrial Designer, and Chief Marketing Officer/Partner-Owner of Naugles Corps. (Naugles Tacos). He is trail blazing- listen to Dan talk about how to design your career, define success, and keep movement upwards.

Season 1: Episode 6 Talking with Kate Liley

Starting out in a new career, finding your passion, and designing your dreams- it's a ride, sometimes a wild one!  

Season 1:Episode 5 Talking with Susette Magana

Susette Magana, M.A. is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. She has specialized training working with two groups: Christians from all backgrounds and people who have experienced betrayal, including infidelity or pornography addiction, in a relationship. Susette began to study theology for her own faith journey around 2012 and became very interested in spiritual formation as a study on how we experience Jesus in our lives. She is also the creator and co-host of The Desire Line Podcast with a lead pastor where they discuss Jesus, psychology and how we experience God.

Season 1: Episode 4 Talking with Dawn Sneed

This week's 'Talking with' Interview is with Dawn Sneed. Dawn talks about becoming less invisible, selling without sales, and finding your inspiration! Join us and be inspired through her story, expertise, and wisdom! Enjoy!!!  

Season 1: Episode 3 Talking with Brandi Murphy Sainz

This week- talking with Brandi Murphy Sainz. She successfully runs two businesses, survived abuse, a horrific accident, and the devastation of a hurricane destroying her home. She is the epitome of thinking new and changing your world.

Season 1:Episode 2 Talking with Naja

From Entrepreneur to Employee:Naja Hayward is a true entrepreneur- she started with a talent agency, moved her way into building Naja Tea and Founded the Thrive Network. She has coached businesses on marketing strategy and developed programs that businesses still use to take their companies to the next level.She is now back in the corporate world developing and trailblazing as a Director of Marketing. Within a few years she has accomplished, in her new role, victories beyond expectations and set a new standard. Join us as we talk to Naja about going entrepreneurship to working in corporate world.

Season 1: Episode 1 Talking with Mike Murray

What can we learn from a man that has lived through Vietnam and received a Lifetime Achievement Award? EVERYTHING! Join us as we talk with Mike Murray about how he designed his life and career after transitioning from the military.

Season 1 Trailer- ANBRWY Interview Talking with Mike

It’s not either/or.  It’s not about just getting by.  It’s about living fully- both in our personal and professional lives. Hi, I’m Jaclyn Paxton, Coach for ANBRWY and this is the podcast that will bring you experience, insight, and lessons learned by others.  We will be interviewing successful people that have been able to design their life and career- and they want to share their lessons, wisdom, and stories with you.

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