Arsenal of Hindsight: J.D. Tierney, Southpaw Laser Concepts

Listen to how J.D. used his Arsenal of Hindsight mixed with healthy life choices and the right people to turn a happy accident into a business that is successful and thriving,

Southpaw Laser Concepts was founded by J.D. Tierney, a native Texan, family man and Air Force veteran.

After several failed attempts at various businesses, J.D. found his niche in his addictions... Hats and burning stuff with lasers.

His goal is to not only produce the best hats with engraved leather patches, but to create a business environment mirroring the morals and traditions of Mayberry. Southpaw does not want customers, but friends. 

After much loss, pain and grief caused by various events in his life, J.D. KNOWS that products don't matter, people do. 

Check out his products, business, and bio:
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