Unleashing Digital Magic: Digital Trailblazer with Leah Rae Getts

Meet Leah Rae Getts and her husband, Todd – the visionary minds behind DigitalTrailblazer.com. They're not your average entrepreneurs; they're modern wizards using digital magic to empower experts, coaches, and entrepreneurs. Their mission? To help others create, launch, and supercharge online courses and coaching programs.

Back in 2016, Leah (a nurse) and Todd (a band teacher) embarked on an online adventure with no business experience. Against all odds, they waved goodbye to traditional jobs in 2017, embracing online success while being there for their kids.

2018 was their breakthrough. They launched their first course and in six months, sales hit six figures monthly. Today, they're celebrated pioneers in marketing, earning awards and admiration. From weaving offers to orchestrating traffic symphonies, Leah's skills know no bounds.

But Leah isn't just business; she's a live video virtuoso, turning interactions into exhilarating experiences.

Their foundation? Faith, family, and amplifying positive change. Leah and Todd nurture dreams to impact millions.

Looking for a guest who brings wisdom and vibrancy? Leah Rae Getts is your guide on this exciting journey.

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