Profit Pathways: Navigating Finance & Equity with Julia LoranEstes

In this episode we answer the following questions:

  1. What financial numbers should be regularly checked to understand the health of their business?
  2. How can one manage their company's money effectively to keep the business running smoothly?
  3. What options does a small business owner/entrepreneur have to get funding for their business, and how do they decide which one is best?
  4. How do business owners find the right balance between using loans and bringing in investors to finance their business?
  5. What are the main financial risks for someone’s business, and how can they reduce them?
  6. How can financial forecasts and budgets help me plan for the future of my business?
  7. What are the tax implications small business owners/entrepreneurs need to consider when making business decisions?
  8. How does one figure out if a project or investment will be profitable for their business?
  9. In tough economic times, what can one do to protect their business financially and stay strong?
Have more questions regarding the financial health of your business, you can ask those in real-time at Julia's Village Talk on Tuesday, August 8th at 5pm CST inside The ANBRWY Village! 

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