Mastering the Digital Maze: Unveiling SEO and Blogging Secrets with Jodie Mitchell

ANBRWY talks with Jodie Mitchell, SEO Educator and Speaker, to answer the following:

1. "Could you share some valuable on-page SEO techniques that our listeners, as small business owners, can implement right away to improve their website's search engine rankings?"
2. "Keyword research is crucial for targeted traffic. Can you guide our audience on how to find the right keywords for their niche or industry and recommend some useful tools for effective keyword research?"
3. "For small business owners with limited resources, building backlinks can be a challenge. What are the most cost-effective strategies to acquire high-quality backlinks that can benefit their website's SEO?"
4. "Content is at the heart of blogging. How can our listeners optimize their blog posts to make them more search engine-friendly and attract organic traffic over time?"
5. "Social media plays a significant role in boosting online presence. Can you provide some insights into how small business owners can leverage social media effectively to enhance their SEO and reach a broader audience with their blogs?"
6. "As a small business owner, would you recommend focusing on evergreen content or time-sensitive content for blogging? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?"
7. "Mobile optimization is becoming increasingly important. How can our listeners make their websites more mobile-friendly, and why is this crucial for SEO and a positive user experience?"
8. "Many small business owners make common SEO mistakes unknowingly. Could you share some of these pitfalls and offer advice on how to avoid them to achieve better results?"
9. "Measuring success is essential to track progress. What key metrics should our audience monitor to evaluate the effectiveness of their blogging and SEO efforts, and how often should they review these metrics?"
10. "User experience is vital for online success. Can you provide some tips on how our listeners can enhance the overall user experience on their websites and the impact it can have on SEO and conversion rates?"

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