Lindsey Tague, Personal Brand Strategist, Creative Visionary, Aspiring Author

Lindsey Tague is a Personal Brand Strategist, Creative Visionary, Aspiring Author and a Multi-passionate, Heart-led Entrepreneur. She helps visionary women build powerful personal brands to skyrocket their impact and income.
She considers personal branding "the heart and soul of your business." Her mission is to empower leaders to speak their truth, tell their story and share their message in the online space. Originally from NY, but currently residing in the sunshine state, Lindsey spent over a decade searching for the "perfect job" only to experience a lay off and a personal transformation 2 years ago which changed the trajectory of her path. She decided to become the creator of her own life, by packaging up her knowledge, skills and experience to offer to small businesses and entrepreneurs.Lindsey is so passionate about Personal branding because it helped her bridge the gap from employee to entrepreneur. It has served as a platform for telling her story and stepping into the highest version of herself resulting in attracting clients, collaborations and opportunities like clockwork.

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