Laura Kandewen, Author

Laura is an self-published, award winning author, US Army Veteran and also a participant in the Ms Veteran America for Final Salute. She is raising awareness for homeless female Veterans, sharing her story, and making great strides to bring education to others.
Laura Kandewen is a retired Army Veteran that served 23, with 22 years served on Active Duty.

I was born in Kingston, Jamaica in 1976 and migrated to the United States with my family in 1988. 

Against all odds, I joined the Army right out of high school and began my military career at Ft Jackson, SC in 1995. Eight years into my military career, I received the call that I would be deploying to Iraq along with members of my unit. 

I continued serving my country until my retirement in 2018 at my final duty station at Ft Knox, Ky. Over the past 23 years of wearing combat boots, I met and married my husband, and together we have three daughters.


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