Dr. Chelsea Page, Intimacy and Women's Empowerment Expert & Coach

Dr. Chelsea Page talks with ANBRWY about what we can do when we feel like there isn't anything left to give. How we work on healing our wounds and seek out our improvements while still working with our partners in emotional and physical intimacy.
Chelsea Page, DHS, LPC, MS is an Intimacy & Women’s Empowerment Expert and Coach with a background in mental health.

She is passionate about working with women who are ready to break free from the need to be everything to everyone and ready to become their full authentic self. A reformed people-pleaser, perfectionist and overachiever herself, Dr. Chelsea is ready to help you step into confidence and connection with yourself and in your relationship. 

Through her addictive-like-your-morning-coffee blog and her support and free trainings for women in her free women’s Facebook group, as well as her online coaching and online programs, she guides you into living a heart-centered life using intentional intimacy — while making it all feel totally easy and doable. 

When she’s not helping women around the globe, you can find her indulging in another book (or three) from the stack by her bed, on a long walk with her pups, or out on the town with her husband Paul for their weekly date-night.

Website: drchelseapage.com

Intentional Intimacy with Dr. Chelsea Facebook Page: 

Intentional Intimacy Women-Only Facebook Group: 

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