Copywriting: More than words with Andrew McDonald

Andrew McDonald is a seasoned copywriter, specializing in crafting compelling marketing campaigns and advertisements that elevate businesses.

He has worked with multinational multi-billion dollar retail giants, professional sports teams, small companies, and everything in between.

Passionate about community building, Andrew believes in moving away from aggressive sales tactics, recognizing that today's market is more discerning and values authenticity. One of his major projects involved a deep dive into the e-commerce setup of Shamrock Rovers, where he strategically reorganized their online store for optimal customer experience and boosted their sales by 363.3%. 
Rooted in understanding customer psychology, he emphasizes the significance of the emotional ties and stories behind products - like the pride of a parent seeing their child in a Shamrock Rovers jersey. A proponent of transparent marketing, Andrew discourages deceptive strategies that compromise credibility. 

His advice? Keep things conversational, prioritize best-selling products, and always recognize where a customer is in their awareness journey. Whether it's software consultancy or an e-commerce platform, Andrew's methods resonate across industries. His mantra: marketing should evoke emotions, and businesses should always strive for genuine connections.

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