Charlotte Sutton-Dockreay

Charlotte is an NLP Master Coach & Career Transformation Mentor. She's passionate about helping accomplished professional women gain clarity and alignment so they can overhaul their life & career and take their future into their own hands.
Charlotte is a former business transformation and marketing professional with experience in the Financial Services and FMCG industries. Through a personal growth journey Charlotte transitioned her career into Learning & Development. Facilitating trainings in the area of leadership and soft skills pulled together her passion for transformation and communication.

During her period of career transition, Charlotte focused on her own personal growth and began studying Neuro-Linguistic Programming. With a new mindset and skillset, Charlotte gained the motivation, drive and the resources to focus on defining her purpose and how she would initiate change in her own life. She continued her studies and has now gained a Diploma in NLP and Hypnotherapy, is a certified NLP Trainer, NLP Master Coach and is DISC accredited.

Seeing how her personal and business transformation experience, facilitation and coaching experience combined with her NLP training could all support people make profound personal transformations, this led Charlotte to launch Infinite Potential.

Charlotte believes that approaching life with a mind-set of curiosity, openness and a desire to learn is what drives personal growth. She is driven to support people on their journey just as much as she enjoys continuing this journey for herself. 

"There is infinite potential within everyone, sometimes we just need the opportunity and resources to discover and then unleash it."
Charlotte's coaching and training programmes will provide you with the resources to overcome limiting beliefs, learn new skills and build the confidence, courage, determination and belief in your abilities so that you are truly ready to connect with your inner purpose and take action to unleash your infinite potential. 

"Only when we can truly believe in our potential will we be able to create the conditions that will transform our potential into our reality. These conditions are yours for the making! "

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