Alex Jeffert, Breakup Coach

This episode we talk with Alex Jeffert, Breakup coach about growing through breakups, shining light on our shadow self, discovering roots of patterns in relationships, and why rebounds are actually a really bad idea. We also laugh throughout this interview because while a broken heart is crushing, finding light and growth and can be so empowering.
Alexandra is a breakup coach based in the UK. She believes breakups can be used as a catalyst for growth and empowerment so you can create the life you want and love yourself unconditionally. She works under the premise that time does not heal all wounds but rather you do.

Alex has experienced all sorts of breakups throughout her life and knows the ups and downs of healing which turned into a passion for helping women recover after breakup. She has helped many women reconnect with their true self, grow their confidence and love themselves after a breakup, empowering them to live life in their own terms.

She has been working with personal growth for over a decade and truly believes you can transform you life if you are willing to look inside you and do the work.

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